Your Resume Sucks!

Book-Your Resume Sucks
by Jeanne Simon, Mark
Simon & Dr. James Irvine

Stop struggling writing cover letters and resumes that don’t get you interviews!

  • Held back by gaps in your work experience?
  • Sent out 100’s of resumes with no response?
  • Afraid you don’t have enough experience?

Your Resume Sucks! is a tell-all, show-all book!
Beat the Recession! Have the job and the salary you want NOW!

Resume writing secrets revealed through an entertaining story.
Before and after examples of resumes are included with descriptions of why the revisions were made.

Over 40 resume myths exposed!

Find out the answers to these questions:

What’s the most important thing at the top of your resume?
(Hint: It’s not your name.)

How do recruiters use the dates on your resume against you?

What will put you in the top 1% of job seekers?
(It’s irresistible to employers.)

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Your Resume Sucks! Excerpt
Read a sample chapter from Your Resume Sucks!.

Do we spill it all in our book?

YES, nothing is held back. We want you to succeed so much that we offer tons of freebies on our site as well – no strings attached.

We’ve poured everything we’ve learned into our book from our experiences as business owners and freelancers in the marketing, art and entertainment industries of more than 50 years between us.

Plus our co-author, Jim Irvine, got involved after he used our resume writing method and got the job of his dreams. He found evidence in studies that showed why our method worked as well as using the rules we developed in his position as Human Resource Specialist at Nissan USA.

Think of it this way, for the cost of a lunch, you could buy our book and write a resume that helps you quickly get the job that changes your life. It’s immediately available as an ebook or you can purchase a paperback copy.

If you think our claims sounds dramatic, consider this…

With a new job or a promotion

  • You could earn more money
  • Spend 8-10 hours a day, five days a week at a job you love!
  • Get health insurance coverage
  • Gain respect from your family and friends and so much more.

This book makes a great gift for..

  • Anyone who hates his job
  • Anyone who wants to earn more money.
  • Frustrated resume writers.
  • Back-to-work moms who are terrified of the gaps in their work history.
  • Graduates who feel they don’t have much experience to put on their resumes.
  • Boomers who want to switch careers and earn more money doing something they’ve always wanted to do.
  • Corporate hot shots who are aggressive about getting ahead.
  • Friends and family who are struggling with their careers.

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E-book – $10

To your success,
Jeanne & Mark Simon

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“I recommend this book to anyone looking for employment from executives to office clerks. This book has brought resume writing to a new level.”
– Faith Powers
H.R. Executive

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“Your Resume Sucks rock-solid resume building technique was a complete eye-opening experience for me. The common sense of it all will definitely have you wondering why you didn’t think of it before. Whether you’re a kid fresh out of school or the veteran business executive, this book is undeniably a must-have for today’s working professional.”
– Christopher Boyd
Digital Artist

“This is the way resumes should be written.”
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“Your Resume Sucks…ROCKS!”
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