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Motion In Art – 3rd Edition

Storyboards: Motion In Art – 3rd Edition is a step-by-step breakdown of the drawing, production and business of storyboards, discussing in detail what storyboards are, how and why they are used, and how to get started and flourish as a storyboard artist. Using new exercises, new interviews, real-life examples of working in the entertainment industry, and many sample drawings, this book teaches you how to:

A new multi-artist storyboard experiment shows how different artists interpret the same scene, allowing readers to compare the different visions each artist can bring to a production. Storyboard samples show rare glimpses into the hidden production of some favorite films and tv shows.

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Stan Lee, yes THAT Stan Lee, loves my book on storyboarding. Check out this letter I got from him.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What Are Storyboards?

Chapter 2 – Getting Started
Chapter 3 – What It Takes to Be a Storyboard Artist
Chapter 4 – Education
Chapter 5 – Materials
Chapter 6 – Benefits to Production

Chapter 7 – Drawing Quick Thumbnail Storyboards
Chapter 8 – Sketching Perspective
Chapter 9 –Final Storyboard Art and Clean-up
Chapter 10 – Storyboard Coloring
Chapter 11 – Presentation Boards versus Production Boards
Chapter 12 – Live-Action Boards
Chapter 13 – Animation Boards
Chapter 14 – Gaming And Multimedia Boards
Chapter 15 – Live-Event and Theme-Park Boards
Chapter 16 – Laser-Show Boards
Chapter 17 – Comps
Chapter 18 – Animatics
Chapter 19 – Previz
Chapter 20 – Styles
Chapter 21 – Directing Shots
Chapter 22 – Working with Directors
Chapter 23 – Screen Direction
Chapter 24 – Staging and Composition
Chapter 25 – References and Research
Chapter 26 – Illustrated Camera Techniques
Chapter 27 – Numbering
Chapter 28 – Contrast and Mood
Chapter 29 – Special Effects
Chapter 30 – Conceptual Illustration
Chapter 31 – Computers and Software
Chapter 32 – Tricks of the Trade
Chapter 33 – Presentation and Delivery

Chapter 34 – Résumés
Chapter 35 – Portfolios
Chapter 36 – Education and Skills
Chapter 37 – How I Got Started
Chapter 38 – Who Hires Storyboard Artists?
Chapter 39 – Finding a Job
Chapter 40 – Prepping for Each Job
Chapter 41 – How Productions Work
Chapter 42 – What Producers Look For
Chapter 43 – Pricing
Chapter 44 – Estimating
Chapter 45 – Billing Practices
Chapter 46 – Licensing
Chapter 47 – Trade Practices
Chapter 48 – Format
Chapter 49 – Agents and Artist Reps
Chapter 50 – Unions
Chapter 51 – Business Aspects

Chapter 52 – Alex Saviuk: Storyboard Artist/​Comic Book Artist Chapter 53 – Mark Moore: ILM Vice President, Senior Executive in Charge of Production, and Former Storyboard Artist
Chapter 54 – Sean Cushing: Executive Producer, Pixel Liberation Front
Chapter 55 – Josh Hayes: Director/​Producer/​Storyboard Artist/​Art Director
Chapter 56 – Tim Burgard: Storyboard Artist
Chapter 57 – Woody Woodman: Animated Feature Film Storyboard Artist
Chapter 58 – Lyle Grant: Commercial Storyboard Artist
Chapter 59 – Jeff Dates: Creative Director of Janimantion

Chapter 60 – Exercise 1: Dogfight
Chapter 61 – Exercise 2: High Fall
Chapter 62 – Exercise 3: Outlines
Chapter 63 – Exercise 4: Special Effects Matte Shots
Chapter 64 – Exercise 5: TV Western
Chapter 65 – Exercise 6: Commercial
Chapter 66 – Exercise 7: Animation/​Cartoon

Chapter 68 – Experiment

“How to Draw” Books
“Making of” Books
“Art of” Books
Special Effects
The Screenplay
Online References
Reference Books
Architecture and Interiors
Resource Guides


Here’s the links to purchase the book:

Kindle Edition:
Print Edition:

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