Facial Expressions Babies to Teens

The follow-up print book to the best-selling Facial Expressions series, Babies to Teens, features photos of 63 models ranging from 3 weeks old to 19 years old.

A new feature in the new book includes Age Progressions, showing how people’s features change as they age.

Galleries include:

  • Skull Gallery
  • Expressions Gallery
  • Age Progression Gallery
  • Phonemes Gallery
  • Hats and Headgear Gallery

There is no other photo reference of children for artists like this one. This needs to be in your personal library.

  • Over 3,200 photos
  • Dozens of works of art
  • 256 pages
  • $21.95
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens

Photo Gallery

Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-4shot
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-age
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-dean
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-hats
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-keira
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-samira
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-kevin
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-nicole
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-phonemes
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-reece
Book-Facial Expressions Babies to Teens-sample-skulls


“I have both your portrait books: “Facial expressions” (adult version) and “Facial Expressions: babies to teens”, which provide an enormous variety of expression-drawing practice. Is there any likelihood of your new electronic book: “Facial Expressions: E-Book Companion. Volume 3” becoming available for purchase through Australian bookshops, e.g.: the Borders Bookshop Chain, as I do not have electronic bankcards? Thank you very much for your help, and for your publications.”
-Mark Butler-Newcastle (NSW, Australia)

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating such wonderful books, most specifically your Facial Expression reference series.
I am a professional Costume Designer and often teach Stage Make-Up courses at the University level– a class in which I have often used your books as one of the primary course texts, as they offer such a textural variety of ages, ethnicities, face shapes/structures and interesting characters for students to use in creating Make-Up Designs. Please know that your model’s faces (including your own, as I know you model in your books) and artists’ works have not only inspired the future illustrators of tomorrow (myself included in that category), but have also been integral in helping to shape those who partake in perhaps a less-likely-influenced art form. I have enclosed one of my recent sketches just for giggles.
Thank you once again for your endless contributions and ravenous art-making. My last Stage Make-Up class has heartily sent you 34 “thumbs up.”
-Mallory Prucha Rishoi

“I just got your book yesterday and I absolutely love it. (I saw it featured in computer arts magazine). I am a new children’s book illustrator and writer (first book out next year) and I have been looking for such a reference book for a long time. I do a lot of exaggerated
Facial expressions in my books.
I am also a member of SCBWI (society of children’s writers and illustrators) and I posted a link to your book on the discussions board – It is a pretty active discussion board.
Would you ever consider doing a “Facial Expressions 2” with kid’s faces? I know it is difficult to get modeling rights for kids but I guarantee the children’s illustrators would buy it.”
– Carlyn