Facial Expressions – eBook Companion Volume 3

I have been asked by artists around the world to create a digital version of Facial Expressions that they can load onto their computers. Now it’s here.
Facial Expressions Companion E-Book Volume 3 contains over 1,000 all new images, including over 60 works of art – and it’s available on KINDLE.
(Kindle is a FREE app for your phone, computer or tablet)

The first Facial Expressions book has been a best-seller since it came out a few years ago. There is no better photo reference book on the market.

This edition also features a great new gallery,
Age Progression. Now you can see how a face ages from being a baby and growing into an adult.

  • Great Photos
  • Amazing Art
  • No Shipping Fee
  • No Sales Tax
  • ONLY $4.99

Galleries include:

  • Skull Gallery
  • Expressions Gallery
  • Age Progression Gallery
  • honemes Gallery
  • Hats & Headgear Gallery
  • Leaning Gallery
  • Pointing Gallery
  • Extreme Close-Up Gallery
  • Art Gallery

Photo Gallery

Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Adam-sm

Models of All Ages

Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Age-Progression-sm

Ages Progression

Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Art-Gallery-sm

New Art

Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Extreme-Closeups-sm

Eye & Ear & Mouth Galleries
Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-hats-gallery-sm

Hat Gallery

Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Jeanne-sm
Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Leaning-gallery-sm
Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-models-sm
Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Phonemes-gallery-sm


Book Expression eBook Cover-sample-Arjana-sm


“Who would have thought that there was anything more to write after your first Facial Expressions book. I had thought that that first one was the end-all final answer to The book that any Artist would ever need – a Pivotal turning point in the archives of Reference Books. But now I see this one – It’s not just more of the same thing you did in the first book. It actually has More to show us! Apparently, you did not just come out with a new book. You’ve developed a whole new type of book.”
– Alison Gelbman

“I absolutely LUV your book — it has helped improved my sculpting tremendously.”
– Dawn S.