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Earn more money in your creative business. Whether you’re an artist, musician, filmmaker or any type of creative, these fun and informative articles are for you.

Fun articles about serious business.

Mark Simon has been writing about business for artists for years in Animation Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, Movie Maker Magazine and Animation World Network for years.

  • He makes business fun with his inventive characters.
  • Understand what clients really mean
  • Earn more with less work
  • Protect your work
  • Let Uncle Sam give you a raise
  • Negotiate better
  • Improve your demo reel

165 pages
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Table of Contents

Forward – Thriving Artist

Part 1- Starting Your Art Career
Chapter 1 – School of Hard Knocks
Chapter 2 – Resumes
Chapter 3 – Demo Reels and Portfolios
Chapter 4 – Call My Agent
Chapter 5 – Any Job in Art
Chapter 6 – Looking for Jobs
Chapter 7 – Job Dating

Part 2 – Marketing
Chapter 8 – Marketing – Hey, Look What I Can Do
Chapter 9 – Promotion
Chapter 10 – Pimp Your Website
Chapter 11 – Primary Marketing Worksheets
Chapter 12 – Secondary Marketing Worksheets

Part 3 – Working With Clients
Chapter 13 – Transparent Lines
Chapter 14 – Waiting for the Phone to Ring
Chapter 15 – 80/20 Rule – Keep Your Business Alive
Chapter 16 – Freelance Rates
Chapter 17 – Sport of Negotiating
Chapter 18 – More Transparent Lines
Chapter 19 – Stay Organized
Chapter 20 – Freelancers Anonymous
Chapter 21 – Transparent Lines – Opposites Attract

Part 4 – Storyboarding
Chapter 22 – Storyboards – Movie Maker Mag
Chapter 23 – Attention All Storyboard Shoppers

Part 5 – Animation
Chapter 24 – Your Idea is Pitched
Chapter 25 – Where to Pitch by Madame Krammitt – Clairavoyant
Chapter 26 – Size Does Matter
Chapter 27 – Tell Me Something Short
Chapter 28 – Don’t Give Up – Timmy’s 5

Part 6 – Legal
Chapter 29 – Artists Rights
Chapter 30 – Contracts
Chapter 31 – Become a Corporate Head

Part 7 – The Joy of Accounting
Chapter 32 – Don’t Budget Yourself Out of Business
Chapter 33 – Accounting
Chapter 34 – Invoicing

Part 8 – Appendixes
Sample Contracts & Deal Memo
Sample Invoices
Recommended Books
About the Author

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“I LOVE your work, Mark. You are a wonderful columnist. You ROCK!”
Ramin Zahed
Animation Magazine

Great articles and interview. As always you are an excellent teacher. The industry is lucky to have an uncommon leader like you that is willing to share your knowledge base with others.”
Dr. Paul “J” Jacobson

“Mark Simon has been through the animation wars and survived to write about them with great insight and honesty as well as in an entertaining, informative manner. His passion for animation is infectious while his advice is spot on.”
Sarah Baisley
Editor in chief
AWN/Animation World Network
Animation World Magazine

“I am a subscriber to Animation Magazine and I just wanted to send a thank you not to you for your articles. I plan to go to college for animation. A lot of people have criticized me for this idea, and make me doubt myself sometimes, but your articles have inspired me. Thank you for your inspiration.”
Kristen Woods