Facial Expressions – A Visual Reference for Artists

Facial Expressions is a series of photographic reference books for artists of all styles. The first in the series, featuring adults ages 20-83, includes over 3,200 photos of 50 models. Other galleries included feature kissing, phonemes, hats and headgear, skull and more.

Amazon Best-Seller since its release.

Artists from around the world supplied artwork inspired by the photos.

Galleries include:

  • Skull Gallery
  • Expressions Gallery
  • Sequential-Expressions Gallery
  • Kissing Gallery
  • Phonemes Gallery
  • Hats & Headgear Gallery


“The most amazingly diverse collection I’ve ever seen.”
– Bud Plant Comic Art

“Absolute necessity! I just recently started creating a webcomic and I never could have done it without this book. The expressions range from highly exaggerated to more subtle and, I promise you, will work for almost any expression you want to create. Also, many expressions are shot at multiple angles, making it much easier for me to create the exact image I am thinking of. Perfect.”
– Jaz Sendon

Photo Gallery

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Facial Expressions – A Visual Reference for Artists
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