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October 29, 2008

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To: TV Show Creators
From: Mark and Jeanne Simon
Founders of Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc.

Get TV Pitch Secrets for Only $10 per Month

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We get hundreds of emails each month from people who want to find out how to get their shows on TV. Like you, they want to beef up their TV IQ. Below is a small sample of the questions that we've received and we bet that you have the very same questions.

How do I keep my ideas from being stolen?

Are networks still looking for reality shows?

How do I get pitch meetings at networks?

How can I get an agent?

Who do I pitch to?

How do I make money if I get a deal for my show?

Do I need to make a pilot?

What do I need to take to a pitch meeting?

How long should my demo be?

What's a treatment?

About Us...

Hello, we're Mark and Jeanne Simon. You might be wondering how we know the answers to these questions and many others. Well, if you add up the years we've been working in the TV business, the total comes to 47 years. We’ve worked on over 3,500 productions for Nickelodeon, HBO, NBC, CBS, and Cartoon Network, just to name a few. Plus, Jeanne had a phenomenal experience as a co-creator of an entire network for Turner Broadcasting. We’ve also written ten entertainment books and speak at industry events around the world. Plus, we create our own shows, we've signed 20 distribution deals, and have several more deals in the works.

We've created a unique, affordable way for anyone who wants to learn more about the TV industry to get real, practical insider info. It's called TV Pitch Tips Audio Postcards. These are 4 to12 minute audio presentations that are delivered to you in your email inbox each week. They are short enough to fit into your busy day, but long enough to answer questions in-depth.

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Wouldn't you like to know how to keep your TV show from being stolen? We guarantee that our answer to this question will shock you.

Don't you want to know how to get around the network screeners? We've done it over and over and we'll tell you how.

Do you want to use the "magic formula" that the producer of The Apprentice and Survivor uses to sell his reality shows? 4 audio postcards are dedicated to the real deal on reality shows.

We're so conviced that you'll find these Postcards absolutely invaluable that we're willing to give you the first four free. After that, you just pay $10 per month or 34 cents per day. That's less than the price of a postage stamp!

After you listen to the first few Postcards, you'll be shocked that we're not charging more...much more. (This is an introductory price that will go up in the future.)

We answer all questions in our TV Pitch Tips Audio Postcards with useful, relevant information and examples to back ourselves up. We don't just spout off untested theories; we give you the straight scoop on what has worked for us and many others.

Plus, we include links to invaluable resources that you'd never find on your own, provide visual references and include recordings from our Hit Makers Summit of guest speakers that you can't hear any other way. (Hit Makers Summit attendees pay $2,847 to attend this three day pitch crash course.)

Now all modesty aside, there's nobody else out there teaching this stuff and answering questions from every day people who are trying to develop and sell their TV shows.

TV Pitch Tips Audio Postcards Are Right for You
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Get your questions (and questions you don't even know you have) answered by TV industry experts

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Scott Fishman - Executive-in-Charge of Production for SpikeTV

Cassie Yde - Owner of The Television Syndication Company

Rick Feldman - Pres. of the National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE)

Jocelyn Christie - Editor of Kidscreen Magazine and Director of Events for Kidscreen Summit

Listen to these powerful audios over and over again to fully 'imprint' all of the valuable pitch tips, concepts and techniques presented. (Download the MP3 files to your iPod and listen in the car or at the gym.)

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Sometimes all it takes is just that one golden idea that makes all the difference between failure or success. The TV Pitch Tips Audio Postcards are a gold mine of tips, tricks, formulas, short cuts and jealously-guarded secrets from industry experts and people who have sold their own TV shows.

"I have been in the industry all of my life and I've never experienced this level of professionalism and teaching from anyone else! My confidence level has soared!"
Mary Guiseffi
Executive TV Pitch Program Member

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Mark & Jeanne Simon