NEW Artist Profiles from Facial Expressions!

April 7, 2006

I have seen some awesome art being inspired by my book Facial Expressions! Now I get to share these cool images with all of you.

I have found people around the world who are using Facial Expressions as inspiration. You will find on my site at, under the ARTISTS link, a continually updated sampling of art from around the world.

The National Caricaturist Network is making great use of my book for practice, both individually and in groups. Some of the first profiles on my site are from NCN members.

The first three artists profiled are Joe Bluhm (VP of NCN), Elgin Bolling (member of NCN and also known as the Subway Surfer) and Scott Kelly. Each profile features links to more samples by these great artists.

Donít be shy. If you are using my book for inspiration, send me some samples. I may profile your work on my site too! Letís let the world see your samples. Send JPGs of images no wider than 600 pixels, to I am only interested in pieces that were inspired by photos in Facial Expressions. Tell me a little about your art too. We all want to know if it was for a comic book, a magazine cartoon or a tattoo. (Donít laugh. I illustrated the tattoo of Roy Orbisson in the movie The Waterboy which was placed on Henry Winklerís butt!)

Include a note in your e-mail giving me permission to show your art on our site. We are not asking for any other rights, nor will your work be used in any other way. Make sure you also tell us what contact information you would like included with your image. This is free advertising folks, so don't miss the opportunity!

Now that the legal stuff is over with, we want to see fine art, commercial art, cartoons, animation, sculpture, any style that used this book as a reference.

Tell your friends! We want to see how creative you guys are getting with our reference.

The other news is that I now have a portion of our book Your Resume Sucks posted on the site. You can read the forwards and part of the first chapter. Youíve heard about how different our resume information is from what you learned in school (ĎDifferentí is a nice way of saying that everything youíve been taught is WRONG), but now you read it for yourself.

Donít be scared. Itís an enjoyable read. We wrote it as a story because all other resume books are dullsville to read. But donít let the story fool you, this book is filled with career enhancing greatness. Plus we support our argument with common sense and research. You will also find great before and after resume samples (another first for a resume book) plus white papers on electronic resumes, a job seekerís guide and key words for resume and cover letter construction.

Come on over to and see whatís new.