NEW Facial Expressions Books for Artists
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The first Facial Expressions Book, which features all adults, has been a best-seller since it was released. It is consistently # 1 in three different categories on

Now there are two new Facial Expressions books which give you even more invaluable references to inspire your art.

If you are an artist, whether an illustrator, animator, sculptor or any type of visual artist, you use references. Mirrors and digital cameras are our best friends, but we need more than our own faces for reference.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS COMPANION E-BOOK features over 1,000 new images, including over 60 works of exceptional art. Models range from 2 years old to 49 years old, and like the original book, each model is photographed from multiple angles.

Artists from around the world have asked me to create a digital version of my Expressions book to make the images easier for them to use. This Companion text was made to fulfill that request and I produced it will ALL NEW photos, many in color.

In addition to new models, Ive included a lot of other great reference images and galleries:

Skull Gallery
Two new sets of fetal skulls. Fantastic reference for creatures and monsters.

Age Progression
This is my favorite new Gallery. You will see the same people age from children to adults. Its fascinating to see how their faces change. You will see how to illustrate your characters at any age.

Every animator uses phonemes, the shapes of the mouth when speaking. By having photographic phonemes, you can design mouth shapes without being influenced by other artists.

Hats and Headgear
Hats can be really difficult to draw. Once again, the popular gallery of hat photos shot from every angle is included in the Companion text.

Kids slouch, pray, lean on their hands, and lay down. This gallery has dozens of photos of classic kids poses.

Every conceptual artist needs to draw people pointing at the focus of an illustration. We do this to show energy and direct the viewer where we want him to look. This gallery shows men, women and children pointing in every direction.

Extreme Close-Ups
Many of you have asked for larger photos to study the shapes of eyes, mouths and ears more closely. I listened. You will find a gallery of extremely close photos of facial features so you can draw every detail.

Art Gallery
Probably the most fun part of the book. This is an amazing collection of illustrations and paintings based on the photos in the Expressions books by some of the finest artists in the world. Dont miss it!

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An excellent reference! C.J. Carter

The most amazing diverse collection Ive ever seen. Bud Plant

Ive used this awesome book many times over for my comics artwork on Spider-Man and the Phantom, as well as for my advertising clients. Alex Saviuk

Plus, I also have a new print edition of Facial Expressions, which is all about kids, from newborns to teens.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: BABIES TO TEENS features kids from 3 weeks old to 19 years old. There are 63 kids of all nationalities in this book. This book features over 3,200 photos.

Galleries include:
Age Progressions

At every conference I attend, artists have asked for reference photos of kids. I responded with a book thats sure to make you a better artist.

This new kids reference book will be available on June 10, 2008.

Facial Expressions: Babies to Teens retails for $21.95, but Amazon is offering a pre-order special of only $14.93.

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Keep drawing and stay expressive!

Mark Simon
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